How this book companion course works

Important: Read this thoroughly.

This book companion course works sort of like a directors cut and acts to strengthen your understanding of the material. You have either purchased On 5 Rules For White Belts on, or we have provided you a copy. You can also purchase a paperback or e-book copy by clicking here.

In the case that you can't afford the book during this time, we've included an free copy in the next section for viewing. It's not an ideal way to read, but we'd rather that you have it through this medium, than not have it at all.

As you read through the book, you'll check back here every time you see finish a chapter. Many subsections have commentary and questions as well. These commentaries can be viewed either after each chapter, or after the subsection. As a reminder to come back to this course, I recommend that you make a note in the physical book at the end of each subsection that has commentary prior to starting your read. But this isn't required.

At the end of the class you'll be issued a completion certificate from Professor Chris that you can proudly display! Happy reading.

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